I am Kacee, Owner/Photographer of Keek Photography and for those who are curious, Keek is my nickname.                             

   I was born and raised in Southern Utah. And still currently reside here. I have been married to my amazing husband for 12 years. We have 3 beautiful children together, Maddux, Drexton & Dakota. They are our pride and joy and we love them so much!I have been doing photography for 11 years. Growing up I loved photography and always had a camera at my side. When I got engaged I knew I wanted the best photos because they are really the only thing you get to take home with you after your wedding is over. I researched and found the best photographer I could and I’m so glad I did! I still to this day cherish the photos we had taken and never regret spending the money!  After the wedding I kept watching all these amazing photographers and decided this is what I wanted to do. I loved it and wanted to learn all I could so I could share this talent with others. We went out and bought me a decent camera and taught myself majority of everything that I know now. I’ve grown a lot as a photographer in the 9 years I’ve been doing this. And I continue to grow and learn new things to keep my work the best.                 

     The best part of photography for me is definitely my clients. I have made some amazing friends over the many years I’ve been doing this. And nothing makes me happier than seeing my wedding clients turn into family clients and to watch their families grow. You are the reason I keep doing this. I want to give you the best photos from the most magical day of your lives to cherish forever!